What our customers have to say about Sir Waggington's Non-Plastic Dog Poop Bags:

Corin Cahill

Great way to reduce single use plastics!

I’m a big fan of Sir Waggington’s because I’m always looking for ways to reduce my single use plastics. These are a no brainer. I feel much better about cleaning up after my dog when I know I’m being responsible for our waste. There’s literally no difference between these and plastic bags. I might even argue that these are slightly easier to open! Great product.

Beth Greene

Hate the poop. Love the bags!

My dog is getting big and his poops are too. I love that these bags are slightly bigger than the usual ones and that they are biodegradable! I also love how funny you guys are. I swore I would never get a dog because of the humiliating task of picking up poop. But now I love my puppers so much and your bags make things a lot easier.

Scott Montgomery

Love these bags

I keep rolls in all my cars and many of my pockets. Easy to use and strong enough even though they are not place. Much better for the environment. Great product.

Dottie Macomber

Love these non-plastic bags!

I love these non-plastic poop bags! It's so convenient to be able to have a subscription, and I like the fact that I'm not adding to plastic in the environment. Plus they are larger and hold up better than most of the plastic bags on the market. They work better, holding more poop and not breaking even when very full. I highly recommend them!

Terri Benavides

Excellent product and service

The bags are sturdy, easy to open and don’t add to plastic pollution. Total win win! Great customer service, quick response to questions and wonderful overall experience.


Too good to be true? NOPE!

These bags stand up to a big dog’s poop at least three times a day! No ripping, tearing, holes and ensuing gross outcomes. I feel great knowing I’m not adding plastic to the world! Thank you for a great product.

We love seeing our customers' cute furry friends! 😊

Ella Pg - sent by Louis

Harley - sent by Diane

Juanita - sent by Jessica 

Nanichi & Coquí - sent by Gladys

Stella - sent by Joern

Abbey - sent by Nancy

Hannah and Charlie Brown - sent by Anne

Ariel - sent by Karen

Teddy - sent by Sue

Lucy -  sent by Sue
Max -  Sent by Veronica 

Kobi - Sent by Ute

Roxy McGee - sent by Michael


Guinness - sent by Mike 


Georgie - sent by Joan


Aries - sent by Kim

Haddie and Ruby  - sent by Polly


Lucy - sent by Katie


Ollie and Indy - sent by Kelly

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 Cooper - sent by Jennifer

 Ani & Sasha  - sent by Joan


Mandy and Max - sent by Sheila

Ella - sent by Louise

Stella - sent by Alison


Blossom - sent by Annette


Gracie, Willie, and Annie - sent by Bob

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Bodhi, Pumpkin, and Dalton - sent by Sally
Inline imageInline imageInline image

Maizie - sent by Chani

Barkus - sent by Carla

Brindy - sent by Donna

Sparky - sent by Gina

Haddie (Beagle) and Ruby (coonhound) - sent by Polly

Buddy - sent by Helen

Roo - sent by Karla

Skippy - sent by Shirley 


Ginger & Miele - Eric

Molly - sent by Kristin

Pumpkin - sent by Stephanie

Pepper - sent by Wally

Asher and Precious - sent by Julie

Angus - sent by Daryl

Nanichi (left) and Coquí Sent by Gladys

Brinkley - Sent by Sonja

Lucy & Loki - sent by Jen & Tim

Tucker - sent by Andy

Sugar - Sent by Julie

Fiona - sent by Mary

Dora (first) & Cider (second) - sent by Lis

Hammie - sent by Jenna

schatzi - sent by Karla

Jessie and Ninja - sent by Nancy and Margaret 

R- sent by Polly

Cassie - sent by Jan

Annie - sent by Patrick

Mowgli - sent by Emily

Teddy - sent by Chanel

Frida - sent by Glen

Chico - sent by Holly

Mabel (Great Dane 1 year old) & Nelson (Rhodesian Ridgeback 3 years old) - sent by Sarah

Mr. PJ & his brother Blackie Noir - sent by James

Barnaby - sent by Casey

Maisy - sent by Meg

Katy- sent by Margaret

Lumi - sent by Mike

Hatchi - sent by Elaine

Mojito - sent by Deven (@CapitolMojito)

Lucy - sent by Glenda

Alistair - sent by Deborah

Shiner and Rú - sent by Morgan

Shorty - sent by Suzie

Zoe - sent by Anne

Cooper - sent by Patricia

Miss Tiah - sent by Peter

Dolly and Marko - sent by Judy

Nacho - sent by Christine

Ariel - sent by Karen

Sasha - sent by Leslie

Lady - sent by Joy


Kona - sent by Jan

Rudy - sent by Jerry

Sugar - sent by Bill

Pippa (Light fawn) and Tessa (white with brown & polka dots) - sent by Carla

Cali - sent by Pamela

Shayna - sent by Harriett

Artie - sent by Julie

Dory - sent by Barbara

Ella and Princess - sent by Arthur

Bentley - sent by Dave

Floki - sent by Kyra


Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy - sent by Dawn

Otis - sent by Beth

Belle - sent by Dale

Sadie - sent by Kathy

Lucy - sent by Joyce

Ralph and Reese - Sent by Donna

Obi Mountain Dog - Sent by Kathy

Hammie - sent by Gail

Princess and Spike - Sent by Ben

Seth - Sent by Noelle

Snapp & Speck - sent by Joshua

Emily - sent by Janet

Lucy and Toto - sent by Barbara

Ruby - sent by Christina

Pepe - sent by Jenny

Coco - sent by Michelle

Baxter and PeeWee - sent by Nancy

Mickey - sent by Marge

Molson - sent by Maria

Dora - Sent by Suzy

Miss Moneypenny - sent by Rick

Jordee and Teigen - Sent by Ray

Bo - Sent by Sarah

Wasabi & Pepper - Sent by Toni

Lola - Sent by Sheri

Bochy (Chocolate Lab) - Sent by Laura

Cooper - Sent by Patricia 

Mazey - Sent by Nancy

Bailey the maltipoo and Pebbles the Chihuahua - Sent by Sherrie

Ollie - Sent by Elizabeth

Lola and Abbey + Braska - Sent by Norman

Opal and Ruby - Sent by Kurt

Cleo and Diva (Mini Doxie) - Sent by Irene

Carli - Sent by Lizelle

Tucker - Sent by Kerry

Nellie - Sent by Karen

Mickey - Sent by Marge

Izzy - Sent by Maureen

Lyla and Kerry - Sent by Diane

Finn - Sent by Deborah

Eevie and Maximine - Sent by Lola

Schatze - Sent by Sarah

Chip Montgomery - Sent by Maddie

Betty Lou, Marley James and Pepper Ann - Sent by Mary

Maipo - Sent by Julian

Monster Truck - Sent by Jeff

Harley - Sent by Stephanie

Peanut - Sent by Cece

Sadie - Sent by Wendy

Phoebe - Sent by Susan

Dolce - Sent by Leesa

Eevee (left) & Daisy (right) - Sent by Carrie

Ginger - Sent by Lisa

Lulu the Pug - Sent by Elena

Casper - Sent by Koylan

Roxie - Sent by Tracy

Peaches - Sent by Susan & Henry

LucyLu (left - Pit/lab mix, 2 yo) & Rocky (Staffordshire Terrier, 5yo) - Sent by Sherry

Tilley - Sent by Ann

Hugo, a 4 1/2-year old rescue - Sent by Bev

Sent by Mary


Mica - Sent by Larry

Otis - Sent by George

Mojo - Sent by Patricia

Bodhi - Sent by Millie

Bigges - Sent by Whitney

Luna - Sent by Jana

 Swimmy - Sent by Nicola

Red - Sent by Evie

Tessa & Pippa (Breed: Spanish Galgos) - Sent by Carla

Matlock - Sent by Michelle

Broderick - Sent by Stewart

Millie (Julie's Son and Daughter-in-law's rescue pup) - Sent by Julie

Storm - Sent by Jonathan 

Merlin and Asta - Sent by Jess


Bentley - Sent by Myra

Jasper - Sent by Galen