Our Pawsome Customers 🐶🐶

We love seeing our customers' furry friends! 😊

Maizie - sent by Chani

Barkus - sent by Carla

Brindy - sent by Donna

Sparky - sent by Gina

Haddie (Beagle) and Ruby (coonhound) - sent by Polly

Buddy - sent by Helen

Roo - sent by Karla

Skippy - sent by Shirley 


Ginger & Miele - Eric

Molly - sent by Kristin

Pumpkin - sent by Stephanie

Pepper - sent by Wally

Asher and Precious - sent by Julie

Angus - sent by Daryl

Nanichi (left) and Coquí Sent by Gladys

Brinkley - Sent by Sonja

Lucy & Loki - sent by Jen & Tim

Tucker - sent by Andy

Sugar - Sent by Julie

Fiona - sent by Mary

Dora (first) & Cider (second) - sent by Lis

Hammie - sent by Jenna

schatzi - sent by Karla

Jessie and Ninja - sent by Nancy and Margaret 

R- sent by Polly

Cassie - sent by Jan

Annie - sent by Patrick

Mowgli - sent by Emily

Teddy - sent by Chanel

Frida - sent by Glen

Chico - sent by Holly

Mabel (Great Dane 1 year old) & Nelson (Rhodesian Ridgeback 3 years old) - sent by Sarah

Mr. PJ & his brother Blackie Noir - sent by James

Barnaby - sent by Casey

Maisy - sent by Meg

Katy- sent by Margaret

Lumi - sent by Mike

Hatchi - sent by Elaine

Mojito - sent by Deven (@CapitolMojito)

Lucy - sent by Glenda

Alistair - sent by Deborah

Shiner and Rú - sent by Morgan

Shorty - sent by Suzie

Zoe - sent by Anne

Cooper - sent by Patricia

Miss Tiah - sent by Peter

Dolly and Marko - sent by Judy

Nacho - sent by Christine

Ariel - sent by Karen

Sasha - sent by Leslie

Lady - sent by Joy


Kona - sent by Jan

Rudy - sent by Jerry

Sugar - sent by Bill

Pippa (Light fawn) and Tessa (white with brown & polka dots) - sent by Carla

Cali - sent by Pamela

Shayna - sent by Harriett

Artie - sent by Julie

Dory - sent by Barbara

Ella and Princess - sent by Arthur

Bentley - sent by Dave

Floki - sent by Kyra


Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy - sent by Dawn

Otis - sent by Beth

Belle - sent by Dale

Sadie - sent by Kathy

Lucy - sent by Joyce

Ralph and Reese - Sent by Donna

Obi Mountain Dog - Sent by Kathy

Hammie - sent by Gail

Princess and Spike - Sent by Ben

Seth - Sent by Noelle

Snapp & Speck - sent by Joshua

Emily - sent by Janet

Lucy and Toto - sent by Barbara

Ruby - sent by Christina

Pepe - sent by Jenny

Coco - sent by Michelle

Baxter and PeeWee - sent by Nancy

Mickey - sent by Marge

Molson - sent by Maria

Dora - Sent by Suzy

Miss Moneypenny - sent by Rick

Jordee and Teigen - Sent by Ray

Bo - Sent by Sarah

Wasabi & Pepper - Sent by Toni

Lola - Sent by Sheri

Bochy (Chocolate Lab) - Sent by Laura

Cooper - Sent by Patricia 

Mazey - Sent by Nancy

Bailey the maltipoo and Pebbles the Chihuahua - Sent by Sherrie

Ollie - Sent by Elizabeth

Lola and Abbey + Braska - Sent by Norman

Opal and Ruby - Sent by Kurt

Cleo and Diva (Mini Doxie) - Sent by Irene

Carli - Sent by Lizelle

Tucker - Sent by Kerry

Nellie - Sent by Karen

Mickey - Sent by Marge

Izzy - Sent by Maureen

Lyla and Kerry - Sent by Diane

Finn - Sent by Deborah

Eevie and Maximine - Sent by Lola

Schatze - Sent by Sarah

Chip Montgomery - Sent by Maddie

Betty Lou, Marley James and Pepper Ann - Sent by Mary

Maipo - Sent by Julian

Monster Truck - Sent by Jeff

Harley - Sent by Stephanie

Peanut - Sent by Cece

Sadie - Sent by Wendy

Phoebe - Sent by Susan

Dolce - Sent by Leesa

Eevee (left) & Daisy (right) - Sent by Carrie

Ginger - Sent by Lisa

Lulu the Pug - Sent by Elena

Casper - Sent by Koylan

Roxie - Sent by Tracy

Peaches - Sent by Susan & Henry

LucyLu (left - Pit/lab mix, 2 yo) & Rocky (Staffordshire Terrier, 5yo) - Sent by Sherry

Tilley - Sent by Ann

Hugo, a 4 1/2-year old rescue - Sent by Bev

Sent by Mary


Mica - Sent by Larry

Otis - Sent by George

Mojo - Sent by Patricia

Bodhi - Sent by Millie

Bigges - Sent by Whitney

Luna - Sent by Jana

 Swimmy - Sent by Nicola

Red - Sent by Evie

Tessa & Pippa (Breed: Spanish Galgos) - Sent by Carla

Matlock - Sent by Michelle

Broderick - Sent by Stewart

Millie (Julie's Son and Daughter-in-law's rescue pup) - Sent by Julie

Storm - Sent by Jonathan 

Merlin and Asta - Sent by Jess


Bentley - Sent by Myra

Jasper - Sent by Galen