Our Mission: Save 1,000,000 Plastic Dog Poop Bags from Reaching Landfill

We started Sir Waggingtons because we wanted to make a difference in this world.

I learned that over 100 million plastic dog poop bags end up in landfill every single year. Plastic bags take over 1000 years to breakdown and decompose. This was a huge problem and it made me question if there was a better solution.

This is how the idea for our plastic-free dog poop bags was born. Our bags are made from cornstarch and they decompose in landfill within 3 months.

I came up with the goal of saving 1,000,000 plastic dog poop bags from reaching landfill. We've saved over 250,000 plastic bags and counting!

Looking for bigger dog poop bags? Plastic poop bags are small and flimsy. Our cornstarch bags are 9 inches wide and 14 inches in length! They're perfect for small and large dogs.

Looking for stronger dog poop bags? Plastic poop bags rip easily. Our cornstarch bags can hold a 4 lb dumbbell without ripping. 

Welcome to the Sir Waggington family. Let's start making the world a better place, one dog poop bag at a time.

You can buy our plastic-free dog poop bags here: