Helpful Tips for Downsizing with Your Furry Friends

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Helpful Tips for Downsizing with Your Furry Friends

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Are you moving into a smaller home? There’s a lot to think about as you declutter your belongings, prepare your home for sale, and hunt for a place that better fits your family. Remember to also consider the needs of your pets! It can be tough for a pet to adapt to a new home, especially when they’re used to a much bigger space. Thankfully, planning ahead and being prepared with the right tools will ensure your downsizing move goes smoothly for everyone, your furry friends included!

Invest in Some New Pet Supplies

Moving from a house with a backyard to a small apartment means making adaptations to your regular pet care routine. You won’t be able to open the door for your dog whenever they need to go outside or hose them off in the backyard after a muddy walk. A few apartment-friendly pet supplies will make your life a lot easier! For example, you’ll need to get some high-quality dog poop bags so you can pick up messes on your dog’s outings. Sir Waggington’s poop bags are plastic-free and made from cornstarch, so they’re great for eco-conscious pet owners who want to reduce their environmental impact.

Some other pet supplies to consider for your apartment include:

  • A dog paw mud cleaner.
  • An air purifier to capture dander and allergens.
  • A space-saving dog crate that doubles as a side table.
  • Sleek cat furniture to give your feline friend places to play and lounge.

Find a Pet-Friendly Home

If you’re still in the process of hunting for a new home, remember to keep your pet’s needs in mind as well as your own. For example, many pet-friendly condominiums and apartment buildings provide pet waste disposal, on-sight pet bathing facilities, convenient off-leash areas, and pet-friendly interior flooring. 

Consider getting pre-approved for a mortgage before looking at homes so you stick to listings in your buying budget. A mortgage pre-approval will also enable you to move quickly when you find the perfect place for you and your furry friend!

Start Your Training Now

Before moving into an apartment, spend some time training your dog on appropriate apartment behavior. You don’t want your pup barking at every noise or lunging at your neighbors. Rover suggests taking your dog for walks in busy areas to help them get accustomed to city life. You can also train them to stop barking on command or pick up a toy when they hear a sound. In general, training basic obedience commands will improve your dog’s overall behavior. 

You may also want to work on developing a regular potty break schedule for your pet before you move into an apartment. Keep in mind that dogs need to go outside at least 3 to 5 times a day to relieve themselves. If your dog currently goes outside whenever they want, your new schedule may take some getting used to.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Besides navigating the downsizing process and preparing for life in a smaller home, you also have to get your current home ready for sale. Keeping a home show-ready is more challenging when you have pets. Sadly, buyers don’t want to see evidence of pets when they’re hunting for homes. Be sure to clean your home thoroughly before showings, being careful to get rid of pet hair, stains, odors, and any pet waste that may be left in the yard. You may even want to hire professional cleaners to deep clean your carpets and air vents.

Remember, downsizing can be just as stressful for your pets as it is for you. Helping your pets navigate this difficult transition is all part of the moving process. Take the time to properly prepare your furry friends for this big move so you can all adapt to your new home more quickly! 

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